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Weekly ramblings, Works in Progress, and General talk about Birds.


Looking for a great gift for the Bird loving person in your life???


Greeting cards, Christmas Ornaments, and small Giclee Prints made from Arlene's Art.

"Thank You" to  2013 Kickstarter Supporters!


 Candace Millsop

 Catherine Morgan

 Claudia Cinta

 Darren B Schwartz

 Fay Clarke

 Glynis McCartney

 Henry Myers

 Janet Armetani

 Karen Kantor

 Kent Calvin

 Leo & Margaret van Veldhuizen

 Mary Goodman

 Maureen Smith

 Ms. Skowron

 Naomi D

 Shirley Perkins

 Steve & Cathy Schieszer

 Steve Solomon

 Tyler Kulasza

"Thank You" to  2014 Kickstarter Supporters!


 Angela Cancilla Herschel

 Bethany Sumner

 Candace Millsop

 Chantal Noeline

 Cynthia Schaum

 Ellen Power

 Flock of Ten

 Kathleen Sullivan-Clarino

 Lara Pressburger     

 Laney Rickman

 Mary Goodman

 Pearl K.

 Samantha Balyeat

 Scherer Design

 Teresa Elo

 Teresa Page              

 Teri Temme

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